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Jane is currently accepting new clients!

To book your New Client Initial Session, please click Book Now.  After an appointment has been scheduled, a Nutrition and Lifestyle Intake Form will be emailed to you. If you do not receive the form, please email us at or complete the Contact Us form.

For Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

Typical Clients Jane Works With

Jane works with Women and Men of all age ranges and families either in one-on-one or group consults. During the New Client Initial Session, your completed Nutrition and Lifestyle Intake Form is reviewed and your nutrition and lifestyle goals are discussed to create your wellness vision



The foods you choose to eat every day can make a huge impact on your overall health. For every healthy food you consume, you dial down harmful inflammation in your body and dial up energy. For every processed and or sugary food you consume, you dial up inflammation and dial down energy. Nutritional deficiencies can keep your body from operating at its best. Delicious meals cooked with flavorful spices, healthy fats and vegetables can help you feel energetic and ready to tackle any job or enjoy your favorite activity. Yummy desserts can be made with healthy ingredients. As a Holistic Nutritionist, Jane will help you start creating weekly menus and recipes making sure you are getting the proper nutrients your body needs every day.

Jane also works with clients who need specialized menus and recipes for food intolerances, medical health issues, and nutritional deficiencies. Get to know your favorite healthy foods. A healthy diet is one you enjoy eating.


Young children can be picky eaters making it difficult for the parent to know if their child is getting the nutrition they need. The stress this creates can make every meal exhausting! Jane’s goal is take the guess work out feeding your child and help you turn meal time into something you both look forward to. At the same time, your child is getting the nutrition they need. Eating and enjoying a wide variety of healthy foods when children are young, from 6 months of age and up, usually become their favorite foods and habits. When young adults become involved in shopping and cooking meals they gain life skills. They’ll also learn the ease and importance of eating nutrient dense foods and at the same time learn that cooking healthy meals can be fun and taste great too!


Life for many adults can be very busy leaving them no time to prepare home cooked meals. Mealtime can become stressful and exhausting. Jane can help navigate the way through grocery shopping, menu planning with cooking short cuts and time savers to fit any lifestyle so meal time is relaxing, enjoyable, and healthy.


If you are under the care of a medical professional who recommends a certain diet or lifestyle for a medical condition, Jane can provide support, organization, education, and resources. Jane specializes in working with clients to integrate their physician's recommendations into their life. 


The nutrition from food that we put in our bodies gives our cells the ability to perform vital functions. If we are nutrient deficient and eating the wrong types of food, our bodies cannot become the healthiest version of ourselves. If we add one healthy habit every day, we are on the road to restoring our health and energy! 




If you find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed, and unorganized it may seem impossible to find the time let alone the resources to get where you want to be. Jane will help you understand your unique situation and needs and help you discover step-by-step strategies to achieve your goals and motivation.  Jane will help you find peace and balance so you can enjoy life without the daily stresses.

From bringing home a newborn to beginning a new life in retirement you can create the life you desire. All it takes is taking the right steps to discover how to get there. 

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