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Easy Steps to an Organized Home

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

If the amount of possessions you own match the amount of storage space you have, it's much easier to keep your space organized. Storing the things we love and use in a certain spot or "home" makes finding them when you need them quick and easy. The top tips below can help you create an organized, comfortable, and decluttered space.


Go through every room in your home and determine how much storage space you have. Mentally figure out how this translates into how many items you should keep, donate, or sell. Organizing one room at a time will break it down into smaller manageable tasks. The bedroom is a great place to start since it's usually where we store a lot of our stuff. After emptying all closets, dressers, and storage spaces in your bedroom, put items in either keep or give away piles. When deciding whether to keep or give away, think about how often you use the item or if you are keeping more than you have room to store. When finished, take stock of your storage area again in a little bit more detail to see if you need to reduce the keep pile a little bit more. If you have a high priority item that you need to keep, but run out of adequate storage, consider purchasing a storage cabinet, shelf, or move it to another room where an empty space has been created by decluttering.


Are your hobby supplies or cleaning supplies stored throughout different areas of your home or garage? If this is the case, use bins to place the hobby or cleaning items in as you declutter rooms. When you are finished decluttering the house and have everything collected together in like items, decide where those items are used and what storage space they fit into. For hobby items, find a space where you work at the hobby. This will eliminate looking for and moving items to your workspace. Purchase small containers or shelving to create organized storage. Categorizing everything in your home by like items fits them into the space they need.


When you are finished Prioritizing and Categorizing all rooms, go through everything again to find things that upon further thought could be better donated, sold, or given to friends who would enjoy and use them. Start a new habit of clearing out your living space every few months especially when you buy something new. This will help you maintain an organized enjoyable living space.


Living without clutter has been proven to reduce stress which is always good for our health. The extra space can be used for a houseplant to purify the indoor air in your home you now enjoy! Decorate with houseplants that help your respiratory health. Bamboo palm, dracaena 'Janet Craig', mother-in-law's tongue, dracaena, peace lily, and green spider plant are some of the plants that remove the chemical formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is present in considerable quantities in particle board and pressed wood used in fitted furniture kitchen cupboards and counters, bedroom wardrobes/closets. One or two plants per room are recommended.

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