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Jane specializes in whole food nutrition, food intolerance diets, and physician recommended diets. Although Jane specializes in different types of diets, everyone is unique and has individualized nutritional needs. Typical Holistic Nutritionist Sessions offered are Personalized Nutrition Plans, Menus, Recipes, Cooking, Shopping, Batch Cooking, Homemade Baby Food, and Healthy Kitchen Pantry. Holistic health coaching is very individualized so every client's session is tailored to their needs. 


Lifestyle Sessions will coach clients on how to improve their health and wellbeing. To create a personalized session plan, clients can choose to work on individualized goals or an all encompassing lifestyle plan to live a balanced life in the seven vital areas. The seven vital areas are Spiritual, Health, Family, Financial, Intellectual, Social and Professional. Wherever you are in your life, whether it be needing help creating a relaxed and organized morning before work or getting the children ready and off to school on time or help with integrating a lifestyle change, Prayer and Community Service, Homeschooling organization, or ready for the "I'm All In Nutrition and Lifestyle Program", each plan is tailored to your personal needs. Jane can help you tap into your motivation to achieve a zest for healthy living!

There are times in our lives when physical and health issues arise and help is needed in adapting your home to the needs of the caregiver and person needing assistance. Jane offers home organization sessions to help her clients create a space better suited for comfort and efficiency. This can also include time management, physician treatment management, and physician's recommendations. In home services are offered to our local clients.


Party, Celebration, and Feast Day Party Boxes are available. ​Choice of personalized or specialty diet menu. Children's parties, elegant dinners, Feast Day Celebrations, sweet and savory brunch, barbecues, and teas are some of our menu plans. A one hour Party Box Session includes menu, recipes, and grocery list. You may add a Balloon Garland Kit with choice of party theme priced separately according to size and decoration. Delivery of Party Box and Balloon Garland set up option is available for local clients. Garland set up is priced per foot of garland. If you are interested in booking a Party Box Session, please click here. If you have any questions, please click here to complete a Contact Us form!  


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